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On occasions there is an event which requires “Crisis Management” We have put together a team who are able to respond immediately to this type of event. If you are an existing client Cedar Business Solutions will have built up a strategic plan for this type of eventuality and be able to respond quickly and with good sound knowledge and judgement.


However on occasion the reason there is a crisis situation is that a business has not considered this eventuality and no plans are in place. As an example, A business is an owner managed business with all key decisions made on a day to day basis by the Managing Director. The 20 people employed by the business do not have authority or knowledge for the financials of the business. The Managing Director is taken ill and will be off work for a number of weeks. The business needs to continue making decisions but the key decision market is not available. “Crisis management” allows someone with authority and experience to maintain the business whilst the Managing Director recovers. They are able to record what needs to be done and depending on the authority give implement things if required.


We have a number of clients who we meet on a quarterly basis to retain knowledge of the company’s performance and key personal. It also allows the Director to share his plans and vision often months before his staff are aware of planned changes. In most cases we are at the end of the telephone when they take holidays to liaise with the business if required if there is a critical action required in their absence. It not only helps provide a strategy for “Crisis Management” but also piece of mind for holidays and time away from the office.

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